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I’m lighthearted, but never silly; Modest, but not lacking in confidence.
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  • 05/17/18--09:13: Photo

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    Galileo’s illustration of the constellation of the Pleiades, in the first edition of Sidereus Nuncius

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  • 05/17/18--09:14: babyanimalgifs: Dog snaps

  • babyanimalgifs:

    Dog snaps

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    Alain Delon & Estella Blain photographed by Luc Fournol. Cannes Film Festival,1958.

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  • 05/17/18--09:15: Photo

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  • 05/17/18--09:16: Photo

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  • 05/17/18--09:17: nix-nootz: Monstera

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  • 05/17/18--09:17: Photo

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    There can be miracles when you believe.  Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill.

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    Beyoncé // 1999

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    Vintage sheet music from Walt Disney’s “Bambi” from own collection

    Perhaps also illustrated Samuel Armstrong (February 5th 1893) 

    **see previous post

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  • 05/17/18--09:19: Photo

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  • 05/17/18--09:19: Photo

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    A nuclear test in the Marshall Islands, 1946.

    via reddit

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    just peachy

    san diego, california


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    Milt Kahl’s rough animation for Walt Disney’s Mary Poppins (1964).

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    June 21st marks this year’s Summer Solstice - the Sabbat known as Litha (or Midsummer)! If you celebrate the Wheel of the Year, Litha is one of the key points in the calendar: The summer solstice marks the Sun’s peak of power, and also marks the longest day in the year!

    Litha, or, The Summer Solstice

    Litha marks the longest day of the calendar year - the Summer Solstice - and is positioned at the bottom, Southernmost quarter point in the Wheel of Year. Traditionally, this is a great time to commune and connect with the Sun, do solar magic, and use the Sun’s peak power to spellcast, charge, and cleanse.

    Colors: Red, orange, and other fiery, bold tones

    Incense & Scents: Dragon’s blood, orange, musks (personal correspondences here - use your own for max results!)

    Altar Setup: Find stones and crystals that have washed up on the summer shore, local flowers, seasonal fruits, and plenty of candles. A bonfire is traditional (a red candle is practical!)

    The Litha Feast: What would a Sabbat be without a feast? Litha is a perfect time to eat outdoors (if possible!). Traditional foods include herbed breads and pastries (baked!), desserts and dishes with summer fruits (try berries, stone fruits, or citrus, depending on what’s local to you!), cold cooked poultry for our omnivore witches, and flower or berry wines. More modern foods for Litha could include potato salads, dishes made with lavender or sorrel, peppery foods, or dandelion greens.

    Litha Traditions:

    • Light a bonfire and jump over it (if it’s small enough!) to cleanse yourself of past ills.
    • Stay up on Midsummer Eve to wait for the rising sun.
    • Dispose of old amulets in the Litha fire.
    • Work magic with stone circles.
    • Make speeches to Fortuna, the lady of Fortune (is my Hellenic Revivalism showing?).
    • Phone past friends and invite them over.
    • Honor the Oak tree by paying one a visit in your local neighborhood.
    • Lead the way to your Litha celebration with a torchlit procession (or lantern or sparkler-lit, as it were!).

    Magic for Litha: Healing, purification, cleansing, fire, protection, rebirth, power, sun magic, magic with stones and crystals, reaffirmations, and oaths.

    Have at it, witches! (and link me to your Litha altars/plans/feasts! I’m a sucker for peeking on all your aesthetics & magics :>)

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    The only Photograph of any Mughal Emperor, this is the last Mughal Emperor 1858

    via reddit

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                                        A girl can’t read that sort of thing without her lipstick.